24 Hr / 7 days Ongoing Servicing

WS GAS Provide a 24 hour call out service in cases of EMERGENCY.
This service is available if an LP gas leak should occur or if accidental damage is caused to an LPG tank or its ancillary equipment.

This service is essential for sites such as Service Stations where a gas leak could endanger life or property.

Gas heated chicken broodersLPG leaks or failure of monitoring equipment on Farms can cause the risk of loss of livestock as in the case of chicken brooders.

We have all the necessary equipment to carry out emergency repairs and our staff are fully trained to handle these situations and are AIP certified and are also able to operate in confined spaces.

L.P.G. Storage Tank Installations

WS GAS provides a full installation service for both above-ground and below-ground LPG tanks.

Installation can be carried out on all types of sites including:-

  • Service Stations
  • Industrial Sites
  • Farms

We can advise and quote for the size of tank and appropriate equipment and suitable site for your particular needs. This will include the type of filling and metering equipment that is recommended.

Following the installation of the LPG storage and metering equipment our renowned after sales service is available to keep your tank-age operating at optimum efficiency.


Internal Tank Inspections

WS GAS conduct periodic inspections of your LPG tank installations as required by law.

We inform you when your particular installation is due for inspection or recalibration, so you don’t have to worry about inspection dates because we will remind you.

Periodic inspections of LPG tanks & equipment are required for:-

  • LPG Tanks on road tankers
  • Service Station LPG Tanks
  • LPG Tanks on Industrial Sites
  • LPG Tanks on Farms


WS GAS provides a 24 hour service in case of emergency such as gas leaks or a fault in metering equipment, so you’ll have peace of mind that we’ll be there for you 24/7.

Calibration Service for LPG facilities

WS GAS provides a calibration service for LPG installations.

This service is available for installations such as service stations where accurate metering is required by law.

The recalibration service is also available for other installations including industrial sites and farms where accurate metering is essential for the correct and efficient operation of equipment using LPG.

L.P.G. Road Tanker Build-Ups

WS GAS have crane trucks and LPG transfer trucks.

CRANE TRUCKS are required for the handling of LPG tanks for both aboveground and underground installations.

LPG TRANSFER TRUCKS are used to transfer gas from a leaking tank before a repair is carried out, after the repair the gas is transferred back to the repaired tank.

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